Qui pour se branler super fort dessus et la souillé (que mineur)

2022.01.23 11:34 ExoticDay8026 Qui pour se branler super fort dessus et la souillé (que mineur)

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2022.01.23 11:34 DirtySmiter New runeword Plague not working on PTR single player?

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2022.01.23 11:34 dsmithok Ring solar floodlight automation problems

I have a Ring solar floodlight (also the Ring bridge) that works properly through Homebridge integration. Because I have small dogs, I noticed that about 50% of the time at night they would not "trip" the motion sensor on the light - so I installed an Eve doowindow sensor on the back door. Created a simply automation to turn on the light when back door opens, and turn off after 10 minutes. The lights stay on for 1 minute only. I reversed the automation (changed to turn on when door closes) - but still only stays on for 1 minute. I don't know if it's the HK automation or the Ring app that's causing it to turn off prematurely. Through the Ring app I have it turn on when motion is detected and turn off after 3 minutes. Does anyone have any experience with this issue? Thank you.
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2022.01.23 11:34 TempleOfZen Difference between 2019 livestreams and 2021 livestreams

I’m not complaining and I loved watching all the 2021 livestreams, but does anyone else think the 2019 livestreams on YouTube are more epic? To me the 2019 ones seemed more cinematic and hit more camera angles and captured the themes and emotions of each DJ. Those ones were really like watching a movie. The 2021 ones for me didn’t really capture all that. Maybe when they upload the 2021 ones to YouTube they will edit and tweak the livestreams to capture that epicness and emotion. I’m not upset by this by any means, just wanted to see if anyone else felt that way.
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2022.01.23 11:34 madam_jade Nothing crazy but excited to try bolder colors on my eyes

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2022.01.23 11:34 Getmoving9218 Please I’ll take any advice

So roughly 8 years ago I had a crown placed on tooth 31. The dentist at the time had an awful time getting me numb completely to the point where he did upwards of 14 injections of novocaine. At the end of a very long day I had a crown and no pain. However the crown never sat well on my gum. Fast forward new dentist because I moved and we’ve been just watching the crown. In February 2021 on X-ray the crown was lifting so it was time to replace. I was VERY nervous because of my last experience with this tooth so we used nitrous and lots of novocaine and we were able to remove/prep for new crown. Temp crown was placed and I had horrible nerve pain afterwards. We chalked this up to ill fitting temp. It even fell off and I had some of the worst days of nerve pain before going in and having her temporarily place the permanent crown to see if that would help settle it. Since it didn’t we proceeded with a root canal. After waiting for things to calm down we placed the permanent crown with “permanent cement “. I still had pain with pressure and when I would chew gum felt pain when I would open my mouth like the tooth was suctioning off. Finally referred to an endodonist. I went for a consult and the crown came off easily with an explorer. He agreed to retreat the root canal to see if that would get rid of the pain I was feeling. After retreat I had horrible facial pain and needed 10 days of antibiotics which helped. However I still have pain. He retreats again two weeks later…absolutely hits live nerve while working but continues. We leave the crown off to let thing settle. He then sees me back in a week and treats with permanent product…during this also hits live nerve but keeps going like all is normal. Says X-ray looks great nerves are full in the tooth etc. leaves the crown off for two more weeks before going to dentist for permanent fit. I went to the dentist this week to have it placed….I have the same pain I started with. Dentist says only other step is extraction.
I have spent 4,000 and have had an entire year of pain and needles in my mouth.
Is it possible I’m having pain coming from somewhere else in my jaw or referral from another tooth? Who do I go see? If I get this tooth extracted and they place an implant if this pain is coming from a nerve in my jaw am I not going to have the same pain??
Thank you for any input and your time.
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2022.01.23 11:34 seasonanimes Add Border

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2022.01.23 11:34 DeliciousCabbage22 Hello Hungarians, would you be interested in joining r/AskEasternEurope?

AskEasternEurope is a community meant to diffuse some of the bad stereotypes, as well as bridging the gap between our nations and learn more about each other’s cultures and lifestyles. Feel welcome to come and join us!
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2022.01.23 11:34 Accurate-Pitch3078 MY DRESS UP DARLING

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2022.01.23 11:34 2chill2thrill2020 12m pilot looking for Low Sec gangs in Metropolis or Heimatar

Veteran with newish account looking for Low Sec pvp corp in Metropolis or Heimatar
corp requirments: low tax rate, active members, daily pvp
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2022.01.23 11:34 ExposingGaybros Who would you rather eliminate?

And by “eliminate” I mean they magically just stop being gay.
View Poll
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2022.01.23 11:34 l3g1t_scarx dupe archer be like:

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2022.01.23 11:34 labyrinth-of-love What’s your comfort game, to take you back to a carefree time in your life?

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2022.01.23 11:34 AcanthisittaSea2151 why aren't conservative daily news podcasts a thing? why is it only 1h+ long talkshows?

i'm looking to add some conservative news podcasts to my rotation that aren't a) 1h+ long talkshows, b) too batshit crazy, but i can't find any. any recommendations?
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2022.01.23 11:34 micheleuke Call of the wild 😁😁😁😁

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2022.01.23 11:34 KGrimes772_RD Why is "fatherless" an insult?

I originally saw it be popular on TikTok, and now I've been seeing it more on other social media. But it makes no sense as an insult. What attributes associated with having no father make someone or something nor deserving of being insulted? Can someone please explain?
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2022.01.23 11:34 ArthurVandelay23 How I finally decided to go caseless

I’ve been using a case since my first iPhone ever. I finally decided that it looks just too good without a case. All my cases had finger grips on the back, so I never dropped my phones.
So what I did was just added front tempered glass, rear tempered glass and affixed this finger grip to the back.
I have an iPhone X from 2017 and it feels like I have a brand new phone now. Will definitely do the same thing when I buy the iphone 14 pro this fall.
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2022.01.23 11:34 ContentForager2 Collection Functions that turn list to map (/r/Kotlin)

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2022.01.23 11:34 Fit_Yellow_8709 [Speed cubing] Is a d/d' move faster than an regrip during f2l?

I know (nearly) all PLL and a bit of OLL, but 0 f2l algorithms. I am doing the white corners intuitively and I wonder if a "d" (+U') move is faster than a regrip to bring the corner to the front for better "R U R' U'" fingertricks.
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2022.01.23 11:34 m_mmartha Which types correspond to the kibbe's SG, in the other systems (Olga, Blossom etc.)? Thank you 😊

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2022.01.23 11:34 bozik_barani cool homeless

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2022.01.23 11:34 AlbertJackBangkok Pollution warning for Bangkok and the northern provinces

The Centre for Air Pollution Mitigation has warned of harmful levels of fine-particulate dust in Greater Bangkok and the northern region next week due to a drop in wind speed.
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2022.01.23 11:34 Interesting_Worth_68 Where should Amad Diallo go out on loan?

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