22 [m4f] I wanna know what love is! I want you to show me

2021.11.30 12:53 CrypticCarbon 22 [m4f] I wanna know what love is! I want you to show me

Hey I’m just a 22 year old from Texas seeking someone to get to know! The song just really resonates with me and I just wanna find someone 😂I get pretty tired of talking to people who don’t seem interested at all and don’t put any effort into a conversation so that’s what I’m hoping to find and whatever else may come my way!
I’m pretty chill I like traveling Meeting new people Experiencing new things Finding a nice cafe to hang out at
I’m looking for someone to get to know, friends, maybe something romantic, I’m just really open.
It can be hard to find new people while having a busy schedule so I thought maybe this would be a way to do it. Surprise me? Anyway, hit me up
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2021.11.30 12:53 Speckbieber Vermintide 2 does Microsoft Edge Web View download

I just started the launcher and it downloaded something like Microsoft Edge Web View and the launcher stayed hidden in the task bar.
Was there an update today?
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2021.11.30 12:53 74538 Richard is live

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2021.11.30 12:53 Cautious_Policy927 I'm so confused which is best. I want best sound quality and best anc

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2021.11.30 12:53 LunarYarn Feeling pretty accomplished after a solo sabotage(+Starship Troopers installed)

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2021.11.30 12:53 Gaamling Help simulating shockwaves from space

Help simulating shockwaves from space Hi,
I've made an earth in AE, as seen below, with the help of Video Copilots Orb plugin. The earth consists of many layers, so I hope the effect I'm after is doable, since one of the layers are the clouds.
What I would like is to simulate an explosion, that can be seen from earth, which causes the clouds to disperse from the shockwave. Is there an easy effect that can push away the cloud textures in a nice way?
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2021.11.30 12:53 sadiemac2727 Debbie and Karen (Colt and Chantel’s mothers)

Okay, in their original seasons and many of the following seasons I could not stand these two whatsoever. I’ll start with Debbie. She seemed super judgmental and just difficult to deal with. Now that she is on the Single Life, she is cracking me up and I’m honestly feeling for her. I think that her opening up about her past and growing up in the 60s/70s has just really made me like her more.
Now onto Karen 🥴 This is probably a very unpopular opinion, but I’m sort of obsessed with her as the train wreck she is. Absolutely couldn’t stand her before The Family Chantel, and even now some things she does or says catch me off guard. However, in the scene where Chantel is sitting with her and talking about her strange hobbies, such as collecting dolls, then collecting Star Wars items, and now it’s the coy pond, I just kind of lost it. Some of the things that come out of her mouth crack me up. “I have cars around me, I have people to drive me, so why should I drive?”
She is 100% boujee and extra, but idk, again I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but I wanted to throw it out there.
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2021.11.30 12:53 Billwith3Ls Acid Blondie Cigars

I had an acid blondie cigar a few years ago and have wanted to get some since, but never had enough spare capital to buy a box. I do now, but I don't know which one to buy. The one I had a while back was vanilla flavored and very mellow, does anyone know which cigar this was or anything like it?
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2021.11.30 12:53 bot_neen 11 detenidos por intento de desalojo en Colonia Portales

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2021.11.30 12:53 SherlockTradeMark Beginner Friendly Realism Event on December 4 at 3 PM EST

The BTW communities are joining forces to fight over Vimy Ridge in this action packed event. If you're intreseted, then fill out the form below and don't forget to join the discord.
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2021.11.30 12:53 CzarTanoff How often do you guys wash your hair and why?

I'm trying to find my perfect hair care routine, but I'm a little lost in figuring out my wash schedule.
My hair can go a week without washing before it's too greasy and I feel I need to wash it, BUT I work three days per week in a warehouse with a TON of fine dust flying around all the time.
I've been washing the day before my three days of work (friday), and that's it, but I'm wondering if I should wash my hair after work, or at least on my first day off as well (tuesday) because of how abrasive the dust can be, or is washing frequently more detrimental than the dust?
So those of you in dirtier jobs especially, how often do you wash??
My hair is fine/medium but fairly dense, coily/curly, colored, 1x week straightened, and has gotten down to my lower back when straight (shoulder blade length with my curls).
Thanks for any help! Also I just realized I could use some advice on maybe how to protect my hair in the warehouse.
Thanks! Y'all are my goals haha
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2021.11.30 12:53 Adventurous_Wave_640 Is that somber & chuck's turd? lol

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2021.11.30 12:53 Simple-War3485 👑 KING DOLPHIN BSC 🐬 Liq locked 💰 Active devs 🐬 Active Developers with great community 🚀 Relaunching right now with one of the best solidity coders in BSC 🔮 Don’t miss out on this next big gem!!!

💖 Wellcom to KING DOLPHIN BSC 🐬


All Floki coins must bow to the one true leader,KING DOLPHIN BSC 👑 $KDB

All loyal subjects of the KING DOLPHIN BSC will be rewarded by his majesty, with great rewards given back to the holders of his tokens. 👑

🐬 An amazing lottery feature will give 1 lucky holder huge prizes every week rewarding the loyalty of his noble subjects

🔹Lottery feature:

4% of each buy, and 6% of each sell transaction is automatically sent to the lottery wallet this feature allows for 24H giveaways to holders of the token

💚 Jonh us TG now......

🌎 Telegram: https://t.me/KingDolphinBsc

🔰 Contract is Renounced

🚀 Total supply:

🔥 Burned : 30%

🔒Liquidity Locked

🎯 Tax : 10%


🐳 Anti-Whale Mechanisms

🎯 Pancake Swap : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x9def273f10e75e0bf9a00fab58ec88dba9329b9e

🎯 https://www.honeypot.is/?address=0x9def273f10e75e0bf9a00fab58ec88dba9329b9e

🎯 Deeplock: Lock LP

🌟Some of our utilities:

🔹6. Release Our Own Nft Marketplace
Despite us being a Binance Smart Chain project that doesn't mean to say we do not have a future and want to broaden out. In the future we are very interested in making our own NFT Marketplace since we believe the current ones out there are not upto par and have ridiculous fees for their not so great service, we want to make a marketplace with the perfect balance.

🔹7. Release Debit Cards, Using Tokens To Make Purchases.
This is most likely a long to very long term goal, however our plans are eventually to be able to release prepaid MasterCard debit cards which are prepaid via KING DOLPHIN BSC. Essentially you would deposit $KDB into your account, upon making a purchase with the card it will make the transaction using your KING DOLPHIN BSC balance. This is obviously a long term goal for the team and we do not know the most about the partnerships which are/can be made with MasterCard however when we feel the time is right we will begin to work on this project.
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2021.11.30 12:53 OlmoLaVergaLavalle Amistoso recordatorio

Que si no fuera por la izquierda progre mexicana, el capitalismo seguiria empleando niños, explotandonos 14 horas diaras, por salarios todavia mas miserables, menos o nulas vacaciones, seguerian los modelos de haciendas con sus sistema de creditos, y básicamente cualquier derecho que no nos tienes como automatas trabajando todo el tiempo. :D
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2021.11.30 12:53 defo-not-spiderman :)

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2021.11.30 12:53 JLHowse1993 Numbers Up Eder Militao

Is there a reason his price has surged recently? I probably just missed the reason whatever it is. Also any one have reviews on him?
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2021.11.30 12:53 wingaa Listen kid

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2021.11.30 12:52 DeathlyClown 15 games later

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2021.11.30 12:52 legalinspiration8321 Purple Pillow Sale Code - up to $75 giftcard (many retailers) and $300 off

Whats up reddit! Purple is doing a $75 promotional coupon code for up to a 75$ gift card to many retailers and up to $300 discount with link. This in addition to any sale or clearance they may be offering. The referral promo is outlined below.
https://share.purple.com/by/thenatanzi Up to $300 off AND gift card bonus
$75 for purchases over $2000
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$25 for any
Hopefully you love the bed as much as I do! Let me know if you have questions.
Purple Referral Code 2021 LINK: 75$ amazon gift card & up to $350 off- Mattress Beds earn Promo ID Kickback coupon rewards affiliate program refer a friend member offer registration sign up bonus invitation NEW working register promotion deal Hybrid Premiere Pillow deal discount voucher Cash SALE
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2021.11.30 12:52 ghant444 How kind of you, Mr. Fire Extinguisher.

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2021.11.30 12:52 Addet2000 Might be dumb, but does anyone know how to get the spectral flame sphere for Siena’s assist?

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2021.11.30 12:52 Stock_Visualizer Camber Energy $CEI - Follow the money,institutions now over 50,doubled from last quarter and they are still loading up.

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2021.11.30 12:52 SpaghettiSpaceChase Saw these gorgeous ones during my jungle walk. Brunei, Southeast Asia.

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2021.11.30 12:52 shisui162 EXPERIENCE PLAYER IN A LAST MONTH

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2021.11.30 12:52 mandyslutty Are you a fan of buffets? Have a feast then! 😘

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