Eva tekisi Suomesta liittovaltion – ”Untamolaa” edustava Petri Honkonen innostui, ”Kalevaa” edustava Sari Essayah ampuu idean alas

2021.11.30 12:43 althalusian Eva tekisi Suomesta liittovaltion – ”Untamolaa” edustava Petri Honkonen innostui, ”Kalevaa” edustava Sari Essayah ampuu idean alas

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2021.11.30 12:43 Coveney1990 Looking at moving my profits to BMTX and when I search reddit for DD there’s just a guy spamming it. Really puts you off a stock 😂

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2021.11.30 12:43 Jessicao0x WolfGirl✨ Already listed on CMC🚀 $300K MC💥 BNB Rewards 💰 NFT Offerings 🖼 Price Floor Mechanism📈 Audited🔥 Liquidity locked🔒

Hold $WolfGirl, earn rewards, acquire the wolfgirl waifu of your dreams & achieve your long desired financial freedom with us!
Contract: 0x819a27c0d14a1d7e05d4e31a4778a0662db5cb00
🖼️ Unique NFT offerings: 🖼️
Unlike most NFT collections, that feature a base asset with small variations that is over repetitive and very saturated, the $WolfGirl AI generated NFT's are truly unique and varied. The limited numbers coupled with the token utility make them a great purchase either for your own collection, reselling or simply participating in the $WolfGirl reward system, which will make your money back just by holding the NFT.
💰 BNB Rewards: 💰
Reflections in native tokens only lead to a very small reward for holding or it leads to insane sell pressure. The BNB reward system ensures the freedom of choosing your own reward, and the active nature of requiring your precious $WolfGirl NFT's for it to make sure that only the true investors reap the benefits, and thus share more of it than in a system where everyone gets it passively. Since the system is fueled by the tax on transactions, there's no need to lock your tokens for it, simply holding is all you need to do to get the bag💰!
💹 Price floor mechanism: 💹
With a variable price floor that has double tax if you are trying to sell $Wolfgirl under the designated price floor, it either deters holders from selling at a low price and alleviates some of the sell pressure or enables BNB rewards to happen more frequently, resulting in a win-win situation for holders
🔒Liquidity is locked🔒
The project is also audited and KYC is done, besides that we have an experienced marketing team working on promoting our project on a daily basis so we can go to the moon together!
✨BUY HERE NOW: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x819a27c0D14a1D7e05D4E31a4778a0662dB5Cb00
✈️Telegram: https://t.me/wolfgirltoken
🚨Announcements: https://t.me/wolfgirltokenannouncements
🌐Website: https://www.wolfgirl.finance
🐦Twitter: https://twitter.com/WolfgirlToken
📱Discord: https://discord.gg/XXrkq2yemN
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2021.11.30 12:43 ComethHour Why do some weapon coatings have unlocked at level 0?

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2021.11.30 12:43 LucioVore23 Sweet Tao

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2021.11.30 12:43 Skylantech Israeli study shows natural immunity delivers 13 times more protection than COVID vaccines

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2021.11.30 12:43 bluesthrownaway I need advice on work and where to go from here from a financial and mental standpoint.

I want to keep this short. Basically for the last year and a half I have been dealing with a sign amount of racism from 2 people at my job. First was a manager (K) referring to me by some offensive/targeted terms. This was after admitting to singling me out of a group of people (I'm the only poc) and witting me up. I reported it several times to a senior manager and even someone in HR and was essentially told it wasn't a big deal. I tried to report it to management above HR, even stating that I had recordings* of me reporting it and it being brushed off and of the proof of me being singled out brushed off and said management refused to listen. That was about a year and a half ago.
Several months ago, I had a co worker (N) make racist remarks and when I told her it was offensive, she later cornered me at work and was angry that I didn't agree with her justification for saying those things (she said i should understand because of where I'm from). That was also reported to a manager and inrecirded the coveraagion of me reporting it. Fast forward a few weeks ago and she walked past me and called me the N word (hard R). I reported that as well. This is when I found out that the manager I reported the first incident with this person to, never made an official report. However the management I reported this recent issue to stated that there would be an investigation and a resolution, yet I haven't seen much happen. And yes, I recorded this report as well.*
K will still approach me and criticize me and be hostile with me when our work times overlap. Today they even followed me around several areas at work, even following me into the restroom (thinking I wouldn't notice because they changed their shirt).
N will not stop trying to approach me or staring at me non stop.
I'm at the point where I want to hand in my resignation and leave but I need the money.
No, I do not have recordings of the slurs/offensive things being said as I was not prepared for then to be said whatsoever (obviously). I've had people tell me to hire an attorney but I'm afraid to do so as an HR person stated that if I were to do that, I would be permanently terminated, had no case, and would be sued for all I'm worth and more. Therefore that is not/does not feel like a real option. I also feel like I do not have a case.
I've considered quitting and cashing out some of my 401k to live off of until I find a new job (yes I am already looking/applying and have done some initial interviews. Currently waiting on responses).
I just have no idea where to go from here. I feel completely hopeless at work and have been having frequent panic attacks that lead to me being a crying mess on the floor e everyday before I go in. I'm at the point where I can't tame it anymore but I can't just up and quit without a safety net in place because I'm not that kind of person, and cashing out part of my 401k is the only thing I can think of to do.
*I live in a one party consent state therefore I am able to record my conversations.
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2021.11.30 12:43 RickPoppie [EU] RISEN looking for rifler

RISEN is a newly formed team whose goal it is to grind together and make it as high up as we can. Although real life is more important, we still want to practice 5-6 days a week. We recently accepted a 5th but after 1 pracc he essentially stopped replying. We want to leave that behind and we're looking for a new 5th!
Requirements: faceit lvl 4-8 (We're 4, 6, 6 and 7) Good communication both in and outside the servers Willing to practice and willing to prepare for them too 1.3k hours or more no bans on major platforms good firepower is very important as this is what we're lacking. 16+ years old (not making exceptions)

If you're interested, add me on discord: R1cky#5756
i dont accept steam friend requests from strangers, but since i have to add it:
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2021.11.30 12:43 elontug Has anyone bought these?

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2021.11.30 12:43 TigerUppercut08 Tiger queen

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2021.11.30 12:43 No-Definition7641 How do get through Soldier walkthrough on Dustbowl

I'm trying to get all achievements and to do that I need to do all training. But when I try too capture the point on dustbowl, it just says no capping at this time. What can I do?
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2021.11.30 12:43 Kingto400 I'm sorry y'all but JJ's head is way to damn big, like how is he able to stand? I know that big oversized jawbreaker, bouncing ball, light bulb g40, ass head is weighing him down a bunch but he clearly defies gravity and says to haters: twinkle twinkle little star. What yall think??

View Poll
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2021.11.30 12:43 wanderingvpsaint How much Bitcoin is enough?

I understand it’s about stacking as much as possible. Ideally how much is enough?
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2021.11.30 12:43 Advanced_Pattern3805 Don't get me wrong, i love Erika, but she's kinda mean most of the time

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2021.11.30 12:43 ienjoysporting Canadian consumers power 5.4% annualized growth

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2021.11.30 12:43 breach_house Learn Red Teaming & Malware Development for this year's Advent Of Code

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2021.11.30 12:43 Thatonechiku I had my WoL drawn as Dani from Midsommar!

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2021.11.30 12:43 Boyband_Jesus If you saw my earlier posts, which characters would you like me to fuse and add in next post as a bonus?

Since these fused characters seem to be popular I'll be adding one more as a bonus alongside the Akoya+Cosmo and Sekibayashi+Muteba I'll add the combination character with the most upvotes in the next post as a bonus.
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2021.11.30 12:43 DynamicOnion_ slick

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2021.11.30 12:43 LordBaal19 I'm thinking about upgrading my work pc to a gaming pc.

Now, I have this working right now:

It's not a bad rig, well, is terrible but is mainly used for working office and browser applications, and is pretty decent for most of that. I can even play some "modern" games like Dawn of Man with medium/high graphics with shadows off at pretty good FPS, all at 1080p.
Was looking for upgrading this machine to enable playing Total Warhammer I, II and III at high or better settings, consistently over 30 fps at 1080p. So went looking around a bit and came up with this for an upgrade:
However I'm having large doubts about my capacity on selecting the components in this date and age. It's been over 7 years since I built a new machine for myself, and my selection above is mounting to over 700 bucks, and I'm not even taking into account the new case I want and other things like the CPU cooler, PSU and a 4tb disk for bulk data storage.
I arbitrarily decided to upgrade over the motherboard because in "ye old days" that was a good way on saving money over time, specially if you bought components one by one. Now, I'm no so sure it's the case and have this feeling that might end up overspending by trying to save up by holding on to the old motherboard and I could spend a similar amount on a new, more powerful rig instead.
As for the "extra" pieces were the ones I pre-selected:
My current Case is one of those generic dust traps and the PSU is 600W generic one too. All the prices are from amazon with the tax calculated (wrongly perhaps).
Also a big deal, I'm not starting this until around May or April next year while saving up enough money to make a single buy. And I'm 100% open to either AMD or Intel btw. Which builds or pieces could you recommend?
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2021.11.30 12:43 kyokquok Jodas

Mirkiau jūroje žaizdas Nepastebėdamas artėjančios nakties Druska man gydė problemas Jodas ugdė mano juoda būdą
Vitaminas d po paklode debesų Idomu, kokiu plaukia jie greičiu Kokia bangos paskirtis? Kaip atrodo vandens atspindys ?
Kiek juros prireiks gydymui sielos ? Kaip sūnūs nusprendžia kas vertas būt tėvu? Kaip plaukti prieš srovę? Kaip žvelgt į tikrove?
Pajaučiau srovę, pajaučiau tėkmę Ji mane traukia, ji mane tempia. Ji mane migdo, ji mane gimdo. Ji mane žudo, ji mane stingdo.
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2021.11.30 12:43 fiannart [FOR HIRE] Semi-realistic digital illustration starting at 45 USD.

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2021.11.30 12:43 Budget_Albatross_908 It's giving Tuesday, let's show the world who we are!

With the holiday season upon us, my wife and I have decided to make a donation to St Judes Children's Hospital a cause that's close to her heart. Upon looking at their website I saw that they accept cryptocurrency (a number of different coins). So I figured I'd hop on here and let you all know in case anyone here is feeling generous with all those gains we have made over the last year!
Here's the link if anyone needs it
St. Judes Donate Crypto
Here's a few other options
Food for Life
The Water Project
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Liberty in North Korea
Feel free to comment any other charities close to your heart below especially if they accept crypto donations. Let's get out the and make the world a better place!
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2021.11.30 12:43 Marcelo1995211 I don’t believe in Chemistry styles

It doesn’t matter what type of chem style I’ll slap on my player I still feel it doesn’t make any difference. Am I the only one ?
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2021.11.30 12:43 skylinetos Audition Help for Merrily We Roll Along

Hi all! I need some help!
Gender and age of auditioner? Female, 23 years old Show/role sought? Merrily We Roll Along, ensemble Vocal part? Alto Song ideas? None at all lol it just has to be in the style of the show Access to practice accompanist? No Venue? Community theatre
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