Horse Racing Around the World: Yesterday and Today

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2021.10.22 07:46 Syvajarvi How did we get here - Chapter 2

A young petty officer was sitting in the combat information center. Feet kicked up on her station leaning back in her chair and taking a sip of her coffee. It looked like it was going to be another boring night in the fifth sub basement of hell with her watch partner Sgt. Jack Dawson.
“Jack, how did you get picked for this assignment?” “Roe, just like you I was voluntold. Probably for the same reason and by the same people.” “Yeah, I know…. I know, we are the best of the best of the best at whatever it is that we do,” Petty officer Roe said as she rolled her eyes. “But no, seriously, with everything going on in the world…. No real central government to speak of…. all of the testing, training, and medical procedures……. Did you ever think that we might be doing some serious off the books stuff that still hasn’t been explained yet?” “Roe, all I’ve done for 5 years has been off the books shit…. CIC for MARSOC, things like that….. didn’t they pull you from Navy Intelligence out of DC or some other COMSEC unit in or around Quantico, San Diego, or Pearl? With the way the world has gone to shit I wouldn’t be surprised by anything at this point. All I know is that this is above our pay grade so I don’t put much thought into it. And when we need to know, we will be told.” “Yeah, but this is some serious next level shit Jack. Tracking people because of reasons……….” Roe took a sip of her coffee.
The com screen lit up. A red flag warning popped up.
Petty officer Roe spit out her coffee…….. “Oh fuck……. Jack, call the watch officer….. I… I… I…. I think it’s Major Monroe tonight. One of the IPs we have been tracking just popped up. I’m running a trace on it right now.”
“Aye, aye Roe. I’m on it.”
“Major Monroe, we have a red flag IP…. Yes sir, running a trace…. Yes sir….. that one…. No sir…. It is not off line….” Jack looked over at the petty officer with quizzical intensity, “ Roe?”
“This can’t be right Jack……. It’s only 40 miles from post.”
“40 miles……. Yes sir. We will continue to monitor.”
“The major is on his way down and he’s bringing the old man”
“Noooooooo shit.”
“Yeah, whoever this person is……. He or she has some high level attention.”
Within 15 minutes two more technicians and a Navy commander had entered the CIC.
“Status report,” asked the commander.
“The IP is still on line Sir.”
“Task a surveillance drone to the target location. We don’t want this one to get away again.”
“Aye Aye commander. Tasking Watcher 6 to target location,” said one of the new technicians who had entered the room.
Major Monroe stepped into the hall outside of his quarters and was met by Colonel Davis.
“Bob, This the guy liaison Tak’kek has been talking about?”
“Not sure Colonel. It’s his IP, so we believe so. I’ve scrambled Security Teams alpha and bravo to secure the POI and his camp. Told the lieutenant to be cautious but……. Gentle. This guy has to be in his 50s, no military record or criminal record…. Some civil service background like volunteer fire fighting, EMS and technical rescue training but nothing that looks tactical from our perspective.”
“The General Thompson and Admiral Harrison have an interest in this one for some reason, Bob. We don’t want to fuck this up,” shaking his head as they walked towards CIC. “Admiral Harrison especially has a hard on for this guy. He won’t say why….. just wants us to bring him in as soon as we can. It feels like there is some history there.”
“A’firm, Steve……. These guys are our best operators. This should not be a problem. Commander Killian and two of his drone techs are already on deck with TacCom in CIC providing over watch on the op. This should be a piece of cake.”
The two senior officers entered the CIC and there was a flurry of activity. And by first observations things were not going good.
Com 1: “Men down…. Men down. Send MedEvac.”
Roe: “A’firm scrambling Medevac to your location….. ETA 10 minutes”
Com 1: “Copy 10.”
Roe: “POI secured?”
There was silence for a few minutes.
Roe: “I repeat, is the POI secured, does anyone copy?”
Com 2: “A’firm, subject is detained. Send additional medical. The subject is having a medical emergency. The POI is unconscious, the medic is stabilizing.”
Commander: “Flight, dispatch Mike 1-4-7-5 to transmitted coordinates 2 klicks east of target location.”
Roe: “Medevac has been dispatched to your location 2 kilometers east of your location. Please advise and keep coms open.”
Com 2: “A’firm we will have crew at the LZ.”
Colonel: “What in the blue hell????”
On the big screen they could see the two security teams moving around the camp. Three soldiers by a Humvee and an individual laying on the ground. All being tended to by someone. By the individual on the ground was an animal.
Major: “Get me a vehicle and a driver…. NOW!!!”
Colonel: “Get me some answers Bob…. I’ll call the General. So much for a piece of cake.”
That felt like the longest hour of his life. He could have taken the flight but he needed time to think. This was a simple snatch and grab that turned into a cluster fuck. He needed answers and he needed this guy in one piece.
He had coms open the entire trip, but other than basic chatter about the Medevac LZ and casualty transport it was radio silent during mop up and investigation.
Major Monroe slid out of the Humvee. Calmly, he asked, “Who is in charge here?”
“I am at the moment Major.”
The Major turned to face the man that spoke up, “Where is Lieutenant Nolwinski, Gunny?”
The tall dark skinned man smiled and shook his head, “On his way back to post on the bird to be checked out by the Docs, Major. He and two other marines dipped instead of dodged. We should have better intel on this guy Sir.”
“Where is he Gunny?”
“About to be loaded up for transport. He has an unknown medical condition, Major. We should have known that as well. Doc has him stabilized and sedated.”
“What went wrong? I need a no bullshit assessment here. We have to answer to some stars on this one Gunny.”
“I’m not quite sure. The LT and 4 men breached the camper while we set and maintained a perimeter. Next thing we know there are calls by our guys inside about men down but no shots were fired. We checked the camper for weapons and they were laid out, empty and clean. Like he was waiting for us.”
The gunny paused for a second and looked over at a marine. “Corporal Hanes said that the LT tazed a dog and the next thing he knew Nolwinski, King, and Johnson were out cold and this wild man looking dude was covering the dog and Hanes subdued the POI…… electrically.”
The Gunny called for the marine. “Hanes….. Front and center.”
A medium built soldier ran up, came to a halt and saluted the Major.
“Corporal, what happened in the camper? Orders were to be gentle with this guy.”
“We didn’t know there was a dog sir. LT must have seen her as a threat and subdued her with a Tazer. What happened next I can’t quite explain sir. He moved so fucking fast…. Pardon my French sir.” Hanes cleared his throat, “It happened so fast. I’ve never seen anything like it. Even with the nanites, meds, and training……… We move fast and are stronger than…… well…. Stronger, but this is something else. Who Is this guy sir?”
“Stick with the story, son. Questions and answers will happen at the debriefing,” nudged the Major.
“Yes sir. The POI sprang from his bed, disarmed the LT and knocked I’m out cold. King and Johnson were between this guy and the dog. They went down next……. It was strange sir. He didn’t go after myself or Peterson. He stopped to check on his dog and didn’t pay any attention to us. Not taking any chances….. I tazed him.”
The Gunny looked at the unconscious man being loaded up. Squinted his eyes and started to go pale. He saw a pack of cigarettes and a lighter fall out of the man’s pocket as he was moved into the back of an ambulance. Leaned over and picked them up……. luckies. He opened the pack, took out a smoke, flipped the lid on the zippo…. And he saw the bear. “Mother Fucker.”
“Sorry Major, just thinking about something.”
“If it will help clear up what happened here……”
“Was thinking about a past life sir. Can’t talk about it. You know the drill.”
“Gunny, I’ve read your files, all of them. I know what you did after you left the Corp back in the 90s. If it’s need to know……. I need to know. We are way beyond national security bull shit. Do you know this guy?”
“Maybe not him. But someone like him. I had a partner when I was with the teams. Could move like lightning, the kind of guy you shoot not fight. Call sign Bear,” the Gunny showed the Major the lighter. “Just brings up memories from a time I’d like to forget sometimes……. Sir.”
“You guys found me and my family in the mystic mountain range. Not far from the last indoctrination post. I had an encounter back during that past life Major….. you are aware of that. Was pulled to the range, a voice in my head. Maybe this guy was pulled here Sir.”
“We are pretty sure he was Gunny, that’s why we said be gentle. You said medical issue……. What happened?”
Hanes, having been listening with a shocked expression on his face, “I tazed him sir…. He stopped at the dog like I said, but I still tazed him. He said, awe fuck…. Next thing I know he is having a seizure. I called the doc into the camper to check everyone out. Doc said he had a device of some kind in his chest.”
“Finish loading him up and get him to medical corporal. I want you and Chief Yazumi to make sure he gets a full work up. Doctor Hunter will want to know what the two of you know.”
Hanes saluted the Major and resumed assisting with the patient.
The Major looked at the man on the stretcher, “I’ll take the dog. By the looks of things she is pretty old and wouldn’t survive long out here. If anything it’ll show good faith with this guy. Gunny, you ride with me……. I need to know more about this guy you knew.”
Riding down the road back to post it was quiet for the first few miles. Gunny took the driver seat and told the lance corporal to ride back with the security detail. This needed to be a private conversation.
“I know what you are going to ask Major. Remember when we cross trained with the Chinese?”
“Yeah Jim….. I remember. Those guys were elite in hand to hand…. Don’t fuck with types.”
“What if I told you I knew a guy who could hold his own with them….. two on one…. and he wasn’t juiced up like us or them and the Chinese have been experimenting with genetic manipulation and that kind of thing a lot longer than we have.”
“This guy may not be the guy I knew but I knew a guy just like him. The red teams we were a part of were set up to be capable of doing whatever was necessary. The peak of human performance, cross trained in firearms, hand to hand, explosives….. turn key operations. Cradle to grave.”
“Crossed paths with two golden dragon operatives in Toronto in the 90s. Shortly after my close encounter. Bear and I were doing surveillance on a POI when he spotted them. Ended up getting into a fight in the alley behind a strip club. He was fast but they were faster….. held his own and it looked liked they called it a draw because they all just stopped. Crazy shit sir.”
“No shit?”
“No shit……. But the guy I knew didn’t use firearms. Was qualified to use them but refused to use them. Was a good shot, but used violence as a last resort. His interrogation style when pushed made enhanced techniques look like the boy scouts.”
“Things change, Gunny, people change. It’s been what…. 30 years?”
The gunny checked in the rear view mirror and saw ears, “What are you going to do with the dog Sir?”
“Get her checked out with the vet on station and make sure she has three hots and a cot Gunny,” the major chuckled. “She seems to be a good girl. Good job changing the subject too, Jim”
“Major, we talking man to man here or soldier to soldier?”
“Man to man, Jim. We are but aren’t military….. technically……. More like a very well funded militia at this point. We hold rank, the UCMJ, and keep the black sites established prior to the collapse of the central government to ensure our survival while the world's governments get their shit together. We have access to things that the civilians have no clue that exist. We move to our final staging and trying grounds in a few months, based on the current time line. Why do you ask?”
“Just trying to figure shit out Major. Thinking about what’s coming next.”
“You are a smart man Jim. Everyone will be briefed as soon as our leadership and our friends finish final negotiations. We need to get through this situation first. What else can you tell me about your friend?”
“That cat I’m talking about, Bob, was one of the baddest sons of bitches I’ve ever known and I’ve known some bad mutherfuckers…… But one day we were doing a thing. He was staring down the barrel of a Glock and he froze. Or at least I thought he did. Now I’m not so sure.”
“Why is that Jim?”
“This guy never froze…. Never. After that….. he got out….. well, as out as you can get when you do what we did, but as I got older and I kept doing what we had been doing…...,” he paused for a minute. “I think he just got tired of it. No end to the blood, lies, and killing. We were protecting people but there was no end game. Last I knew he was living a quiet life…. Married, kid, and a regular 9 to 5 job. When I got out I did the same thing….. LA county sheriff deputy, wife, kids….. you know… a normal life. Now here we are….. What we thought was normal is the real lie. You know what I’m saying?”
“Yeah, I think I do Jim. This guy, by what I’ve read, had a “normal” life. Made a video…. Probably as a joke or something along those lines, but had it right. In the mean time, it’s the end of the world as we know it……. NATO and our interstellar allies are running the show behind the scenes until the world ships show up and they think that everything will just fall into place. This guy has been on the run, has no reason to trust anyone at this point, and we expect him to be fine with what is going to happen next. The flags want him for some unknown reason…. Maybe it’s because he was an operator like you were….. buried under a bunch of redacted mess that will have to be negotiated for with Langley. The Shaltari are involved as well…. Hopefully we get more info soon.”
Jim pulled out the pack of cigarettes, “You mind?”
“No Jim….. I haven’t had a cigarette in over a decade. It’s sounding good right now. What brand?”
“Luckies…. Bear’s brand. Didn’t think they made them anymore.”
“I’ll take one,” Bob smiled, reaching for the smoke.
“I think we are going to owe this guy a pack.”
“I’ll have some shipped in,” as the Major took a drag and coughed. “Jim, where did you go to college?”
“A small university in mid Michigan, Why?”
“So did this guy. I’ll definitely get some more Luckies shipped in. The world just got smaller and I think I need a drink.”
“Yeah…. Crown sounds good.”
“I need to make a quick call,” the Major tapped behind his ear, “Mike, sorry for the delay. I think we need to have a conference call with General Thompson, Admiral Harrison, liaison Tak’kek, and Gunnery Sergeant Jim Spearman as soon as possible about the POI.... Yes, Gunny is with me right now. We meet you in your office in 30? 10-4….. I’ll bring the crown…. You bring the Dominicans…. You're going to need a drink when you hear this.”
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2021.10.22 07:46 thebeautyofdeath Saw that guy I never get to see

It went perfect to me, he's so gorgeous and perfect.
I looked gorgeous, he looked gorgeous, we hung out at his for a while, I finally got laid for the first time in forever since the last time I saw him months ago.
I miss him.
It makes me sad on the way home.
I've got cat hair in my clothes.
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2021.10.22 07:46 FxGecko Forex Scam Alert:Users accuse HolyForex of luring people into investing with a no-lose, high-yield scheme and scamming them to the tune of $80 million!

Forex Scam Alert:Users accuse HolyForex of luring people into investing with a no-lose, high-yield scheme and scamming them to the tune of $80 million! Based on FxGecko users' feedback:
Users accuse HolyForex of luring people into investing with a no-lose, high-yield scheme and scamming them to the tune of $80 million!
According to the news of complaints from users, in March this year HolyForex suddenly could not withdraw funds, said that the software was not working and did not compensate users for their principal.
The person in charge of HolyForex is still at large, and users hope that the people involved in this scam will be brought to justice and will not continue to cheat, and investors are reminded to be careful with this broker and not to fall for it.
More details:
FxGecko has sent the complaint to HolyForex but has not received a reply yet.
FxGecko reminds you that forex scam is everywhere,you'd better check the broker's information and user reviews on FxGecko before investing. You can also expose Forex scams on FxGecko, FxGecko will do everything in its power to help you retrieve the loss.
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Welcome to join FxGeckoAPP community, where the latest broker information and complaints against brokers are posted daily. Attention regularly can help you effectively avoid encountering scams.
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Festival Backstage
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2021.10.22 07:46 quak3d [WTB] Whistle Tip black and cherry bomb (FL)

WTB the whistle tip black and a cherry bomb (1/2x28 7.62) coated looking to spend $150-180 depending on condition to 34655
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2021.10.22 07:46 ronbo4321 Post-IPO Chia Network, Inc vs. PoS blockchain inc/non-profit

The team talks a lot about how the richest token holders control PoS. A typical PoS has equity holding investors in private tech company and non profit foundation.
A public company Chia is subject to volatility of a brutal quarterly expectations market. If not delivering, the value could drop. Regardless, it could be bought either way if say fb came along with some offer the board (pre-mine owners) and token-holders couldn’t refuse.
I understand the chia chain can’t be stopped but couldn’t fb (insert any other untrustworthy deep pocket centralized entity) control direction and value?
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2021.10.22 07:46 ZoobBot 181617

This is the 181617th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.22 07:46 patroller6666 Storage question

How do you guys manage storage? Do you have everything in your main area? Do you have things based off your main trade skills?
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2021.10.22 07:46 yernombi Is Scuba Gear Too Expensive?

I’m looking to get my own scuba gear but I’m overwhelmed both by the choice of gear and the cost of it. This has led me to looking for ways to reduce the cost.
After a lot of research I found the most well-recommended models for each bit of gear and managed to find sources for these at a fraction of the price. For example, scubapro jetfins ($200/£145) would be about $60/£44 instead just because of removing the brand name.
If you could get a full set of high-quality gear (excluding regs, cylinders, and computers, i.e. mask, fins, wetsuit, boots, gloves, bcd/bp&w) for around $850 (£600) would you consider that worth the price for not having the brand names on your gear?
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2021.10.22 07:46 DajZabrij Nađi: Fascinantno je koliko se malo u javnosti govori o Indexovom otkriću

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2021.10.22 07:46 Ok-Bite5615 What are some genuine questions you wanted to ask a gay boy?

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2021.10.22 07:46 DavidBolha z dnem 19.11.2021 trajno zapira svoja vrata 😲😨🤕😓😢😭

"Spoštovani uporabniki storitve
Sporočamo, da z dnem 19.11.2021 ukinjamo storitev, kar posledično pomeni, da bodo s tem dnem izbrisani vsi podatki, vsebine, fotografije, datoteke, ki so bile naložene ter shranjene na spletni strani - Brezplačna spletna shramba za vaše slike.
Po tem datumu bo izbrisana celotna spletna stran - Brezplačna spletna shramba za vaše slike ter vsi podatki/datoteke/fotografije idr., ki ste jih naložili in shranili v okviru omenjene storitve.
Pozivamo vas, da si vse podatke/fotografije/datoteke idr. shranite drugam ter tako ohranite svoje podatke, saj po 19.11.2021 žal ne bo mogoče ne dostopati ne pridobiti že shranjenih podatkov.
Lepo vas pozdravljamo,
Ekipa TSmedia"
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2021.10.22 07:46 pranjallk1995 What could be the next big thing in smartphones?

Which of these do you think is the best upcoming innovation in smartphone technology?
View Poll
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2021.10.22 07:46 Dizzy-Philosopher150 Love, hugs and awards for the AWESOME! 🤓❤

I wanna give people awards and stuff! I'm new to Reddit and manz, it's like night and day VS the folks on TWITTER. For THAT, thank you. In two days I've already met so many incredible people. But I can't give them awards and stuff! Or am I using that wrong?
Anyways, much love to absolutely EVERYONE. ❤
But seriously, how can I hug you folks back and praise you with cool "awards"? MUAH! Take care! Have an awesome day. Whoever read ALL this.

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2021.10.22 07:46 puffbert Sudden drop in desktop visibility and traffic. Mobile visibility index and traffic keeps static. Any ideas?

We do see a heavy drop in desktop visibilty for 2 weeks now (-10%). Mobile visibility keeps static. A month ago we saw that for the first time. But then it recovered itselfs after a week. The client didn't change anything. So is it just a crucial whim of Google? If yes - a real expensive one. The desktop traffic losses do really hurt.
We do not see any technical issues. All pages are indexed - which is obvious observing the mobile index, where everything is fine. In sum we see after the 2 weeks some rank losses by 0.5 in avg. on desktop. But after the first week we saw even a raise in avg. rankings, but a decrease in impressions and clicks. (on desktop - mobile everything kept static ...).
Really weird. Screenshot:
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2021.10.22 07:46 Nohan07 Grand Raid 2021 : suivez l'arrivée de la Diagonale des Fous sur Réunion la 1ère [DIRECT]

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