Bapack holsom

2021.10.22 08:02 ugliestman69 Bapack holsom

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2021.10.22 08:02 losermvp Where can I find reliable info about Shiba?

Many people as well as media platforms and YouTube channels are talking crap! Source: Trust me bro!
Are there any platforms or YouTube channels out there that provide reliable info?
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2021.10.22 08:02 bk1155 Training | United prepare for Liverpool clash | Manchester United v Liverpool | Premier League

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2021.10.22 08:02 namanasthana208 Were strangers to love

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2021.10.22 08:02 Sexygrubbin Hoping my target has some celebrations this morning no one is waiting outside the store, kinda hyped

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2021.10.22 08:02 Diligent-Ocelot6378 Costume stores in Hiroshima

Any costume stores in hiroshima that you reccommend?
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2021.10.22 08:02 FFBot Official: [Add/Drop] - Fri Morning, 10/22/2021

Post your Waiver Wire [WW] (add/drop) questions only.

When answering questions, please make sure to sort by NEW!
  • Do NOT reply with only the player name. This just removes the other person from the index without them getting information. You are not helping.
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Individual WW threads posted after this point will be deleted in order to keep the subreddit clean. Post here instead! If everyone sorts by new, your questions should be answered.
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2021.10.22 08:02 Nooorfreebie Snowflake Projector Lights, Rotating LED Snowfall Projector Lights, Outdoor Waterproof Decorative Landscape. Price os $28.99. USA

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2021.10.22 08:02 stickkcits Hello everyone, I am new :) any advice?

Hi everyone :) I’m new here and I’ve decided to start stick and poking and I thought here would be a nice place to come and share my journey. I have some tattoos but none stick and poke.
I am just asking for any advice, does anyone recommend any kits available online (from the UK), any advice with the tattooing itself, is the aftercare the same as other tattoos? I have watched videos and read the really helpful post on here but if anyone has anything to tell me, link me too or help me with, feel free ❀️
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2021.10.22 08:02 krisfratoyen Audio dropping in calls after updating to Android 12

Anyone else experiencing that audio from calls cut after a few seconds after updating to Android 12? Someone calls me, I answer and hear them fine the first 10-15 seconds of the call, then I can't hear them anymore, but they can hear me. I've tried restarting the phone.
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2021.10.22 08:02 Graham3D Cannot "Give Up" after Server Transfer...

When I get downed, I cannot "Give Up". Other players can revive me, I cannot Give Up although. I logged on this morning and was dead with no one around me, and in a really tough area to get back to. This only started after transferring to a different server....
As it stands, I cannot play the game at all. There is no button to give up.
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2021.10.22 08:02 Summer_Mercedes Egg_irl

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2021.10.22 08:02 Sakura-Game Akane Kondo dancing for you

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2021.10.22 08:02 AlbabImam04 Ranking ALL Fully Evolved GRASS Types (Part 1)

Ranking ALL Fully Evolved GRASS Types (Part 1) LINK TO PART 2 IS AT THE BOTTOM

I didn't expect the Ice list to help pick up the pieces of the Electric type, helping it to get past the 50 upvote mark, sortof how HP Ice has helped Electric types throghout the ages to fend off against ground types as well as today's topic, grass types. This is the largest ranking I've made so far, consisting of 61 Pokemon.
I originally had this list to come out on Wednesday, if not for an unexpected accident. My pc got disconnected from reddit accidentally and I lost over 4 hours of writing. That was painful.
Ground: Ghost: Electric: Ice: Dark:
Grass types are generally seen as a below average type, and it's easy to understand why, considering their 5 weaknesses and 7 types which resist them. However, that isn't exactly always the case, especially in the lower tiers. In an observation I made a few weeks back ( Grass types dominated in the lower tiers, being S tier in RU, NU and ZU with being A tier in PU, which was strange considering Bug, Poison and Ice types are also more common there. It's probably because that their best counters, fire and steel types, aren't nearly as common and grass is the best counter in the game to two of the most common and dangerous types in the game, water and ground.
However, while grass types are good, as we go to the later portions of the list, you'll see that there are a lot of bad grass type Pokemon which taint the name. Now, without furthur ado, here's the Grass type.
1) Ferrothorn Behold, the best grass type to ever grace the planet, Ferrothorn is the first of two Pokemon here who are staples in both OU and Ubers. The one and only. Grass and Steel are an amazing type combo and Ferrothorn has incredible defensive stats to back it up. But it doesn't stop there, oh no it doesn't. It gets Stealth Rock AND Spikes, coupled with its Iron barbs and Leech Seed it can spread residual damage incredibly fast. And don't worry about it being passive either. Its STAB Gyro Ball which will almost always hit for maximum damage due to it's absolutely pathetic 200 base speed, as well as a strong Power Whip to deter waters if you want it to go fully on the water checking role. It was pretty much the only reliable check to Kyogre in gen 5 Ubers. Ferrothorn is a menace, and I don't think its even possible for it to ever drop from OU.
2) Shaymin-Sky This thing, is a monstrosity. Makes Togekiss and Jirachi look innocent in comparison (I mean togekiss is innocent. Look at how cute it is). Regardless, Skymin, while very much annoying to fight, is nigh unusable in Ubers. Its STAB combination isn't too scary, its power is solid at best, and it needs too much rng to function with flinches and what not. Serene Grace Seed Flare SpDef drops are scary, especially a flinch on top of that, but having no opportunity to switch in, or actually do damage beyond getting revenge killed by Calyrex-Shadow is a major hindrance. All in all, Skymin is nigh unusable in Ubers and I don't see that improving anytime soon.
3) Arceus-Grass Why are we going over the terrible Arceus types first? Feels a bit strange imo. Regardless, I don't think I've ever seen Arceus-Grass be used. Its weak to Primal Groudon's fire STAB as well as the very common Mega Salamence. While it can run Ice Beam for Mega Mence, its second issue comes to light. it wants to many coverage moves. Ice Beam for Mega Mence, Earth Power for P-Don, Recover for longevity and Calm Mind for a bit more oomph behind its attacks. It's also horribly outclassed by Ferrothorn who can check Primal Kyogre and Xerneas, while spiking over everything.
4) Kartana Once again I cut a worthless object. But lol, this thing is broken suspect it. Pretty much its only checks are the metal birbs and guess what, they get bopped by Magnezone. What's even worse that its checks are so easy to play around. You can check the Choice Scarf set with Protect users, but then it uses Swords Dance. You try to play around the Swords Dance and attack it? It just kills you. Hell even without Magnezone, Corviknight doesn't appreciate Knock off at all. And the fact that it has Moxie AND solid physical bulk means that I have no illusion of putting Kartana anywhere other than the top of A tier.
5) Rillaboom I freaking hate this thing, mainly because its one of the few Manaphy checks around, but also because how annoying it is having a Pokemon just randomly throwing out base 91 power STAB priority like it was nothing. Grassy Glide is Rillaboom's claim to fame, but it also has more tricks, mainly Swords Dance but also Heatran trolling coverage in High Horsepower and Superpower for Ferro. It also gets U-Turn to keep momentum and Knock Off to soften walls. However, Rillaboom isn't quite top OU material, mainly due it's rather low speed. Grassy Glide can't solve all its problems especially as grass is a bad attacking type.
6) Serperior 1 word, Contrary. Contrary carried Serperior all the way to the top. Spam Leaf Storm till enemies drop, though there are obviously reprecussions to spamming just 1 move. Most notably being Leaf Storm's poor PP in drawn out battles as well as grass's poor attacking coverage. However, Serperior has a few tricks up it's sleeve. Glare is the most notable, and so is sub seed due to its high speed and HP Fire to break past other grass types.
7) Tangrowth Tangrowth is a great Pokemon. Its one of the physically bulkiest Pokemon to be introduced and has one of the best defensive abilities in the game, Regenerator. It's not entirely passive either, considering it's decent offenses combined with other disruptive tools such as Knock Off and Sleep Powder. It's one of the best physical stop gaps to Mega Swampert and Excadrill. However, all it not sunshine for Tangrowth. It's Special Defence is quite null, making it easy prey for Special Attackers. Running an Assault Vest can work, but it's still quite frail on the special end and it has to give up on Sleep Powder for that.
8) Tapu Bulu Initially thought to be worse Rillaboom, Tapu Bulu still has many a trick up its sleeve. It's higher bulk is much more noticeable, especially against the devastating Ash Greninja. It's access to Stone Edge also makes it notable as it makes short of Mega Charizard Y when stealth rocks are off, something which Rillaboom can't do, alongside the strong hit on the metal birbs. However, the main reason you would use it in OU is because you need an Ash Greninja check, for which Tapu Bulu is one of the best.
9) Venusaur-Mega I have fond memories with this, being the first mega I used in competitive play. This seemed unbreakable in low ladder USUM OU. It felt like this thing could keep anything in check with what seemed like unbreakable bulk against all the low ladder teams. But it quickly fell off in higher ladder. Mega Venusaur is the primary reason why defensive megas don't work. Their lack of passive recovery. Mega Venusaur is really forced into Synthesis which is easily explotable, and Synthesis only has 8 PP, which ends really fast. And while it does have base 120 SpAtk, its not really too scary to work offensively either, primarily due to grass's nature of not being a good offensive type. All in all, Venusaur can work as a wall, but ultimately isn't the best at one.
10) Breloom Poor thing, I can't begin to stress just how badly this thing got screwed over in gen 7. Not only terrains to block its sleep but also priority as well? The only terrain this like is Grassy Terrain for obvious reasons, but it does not like seeing Misty at all. However, Breloom is still a threat. Its bread and butter Poison Heal set can be annoying on occasion while Technician boosted Bullet Seeds do a lot of damage, coupled with its Mach Punches and Rock Tombs, both of which are Technician boosted and bypass it's speed issue. And while it's still frail, resisting Quakeslide means it can come in easily on threats like Mega Pert and Lando
11) Amoonguss Sus- no I'm not making a sus joke, even though technically I just made one. Whatever, Amoonguss, is honestly not as good as I thought. 114 HP is great, but 70 Defence and 80 Special Defence to back it up doesn't seem nearly as impressive. That, and compared with its horrid damage output. Still, Amoonguss is a great Pokemon. Spore is one of the best moves in the game, combined with a Sludge Bomb to deter other grass types who might try to absorb it. Still, I don't think Amoonguss will be doing too good in UU the next few weeks, especially with Overcoat Mandibuzz around to block it's sleep.
12) Zarude Honestly, I didn't think much of Zarude at release. Its typing gives it an uncomfortable amount of weaknesses and grass-dark isn't too good of an offensive typing. Boy, was I wrong. Zarude's Power Whips hits very hard, and its not frail at all, and its speed is quite good. However, the typing really lets it down. Weakness to 7 types, include the common fire, flying, fighting and bug moves are not a good thing. Similarly, its lack of a set up move might leave it helpless in the face of hard walls, most notably the new Mandibuzz.
13) Chesnaught The power of entry hazards in Pokemon can't be denied, and Chesnaught is one of the best representatives of their power, UU Ferrothorn as I like to call, using its great physical bulk to set up Spikes on threats such as Crawdaunt. Its also quite funny how it completely and utterly walls Gengar, a mon which should dominate it according to the type chart, as well as Cinderace if it did not have Gunk Shot. Bulletproof, while a situational ability on paper, allows it to completely deter otherwise threatening moves like Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast and Gyro Ball. Still, Chesnaught has its fair share of flaws, a weak special defence is notable, and so is its typing for the massive 4x flying weakness, along with others like fire and fairy. Still, Chesnaught is quite an underrated Pokemon.
14) Celebi One of the hallmarks of competitive Pokemon throghout the generations, Celebi has had a huge fall from grace, even going to NU at one point. Yet, Celebi is still a great Pokemon, with its great bulk, solid coverage for a grass type with the new addition of Aura Sphere, and access to Nasty Plot. It can even take on a defensive role with Leech Seed and U-Turn for pivoting, and while grass/psychic isn't the best type due to it's 7 weaknesses, Celebi is so bulky it can shrug of Air Slashes, weaker Knock Offs and even U-Turns with ease and recover off the damage. Though, Celebi has issues. The base 100 stats which give Celebi so much of it's game is also a major downside. Yes, your opponent will get a headache trying to find out which spread it might be, but you'll also get a headache trying to decide which spread to fit, since you'll almost always be frustrated by something being lacking in a different department. The weakness thing is also an issue, while Celebi can shrug off weaker super effective hits with ease, strong ones like Pangoro and Zarude will petrify it, and U-Turn is a massive problem, as that can result in Celebi easily being momentum fodder. However, Celebi's good traits can't be denied, it's been an OverUsed staple for 3 generations for a reason.
15) Roserade I swear to god UU if you steal Roserade after you stole Seismitoad I'm gonna f-ing rage. But regardless, since Chesnaught isn't here, Roserade filled the mantel of grass type UU spiker. Roserade has several notable traits. Spikes are the main one, but so is Sleep Powder to put something out of commission. And let's not forget its massive base 125 Special Attack, Technician boosted Hidden Powers which basically give it access to Flamethrower and Ice Beam, and that vicious Leaf Storm. Now, Roserade has its downsides, its pathetic physical defence being most noteworthy, not even taking resisted hits well on the physical end, but also its mediocre speed. Base 90 speed is ok, but not taking you far. However, even with all that, nothing really switches into Roserade, with Sleep Powder deterring everything and its STAB Sludge Bomb keeping grass types away. Ferroseed is the exception, but it doesn't do much in return and is terrified in exchange of a potential HP Fire.
16) Venusaur The face of sun abuse, and sadly, the worst of all the weather abusers. Let's see why. Arctozolt's moves have far more BP than Venusaur, Excadrill has far more offensive power than Venusaur, while providing Rapid Spin support and functioning outside of sand as well. While Mega Swampert has more stats than it in every department except speed. This lack of power is also noticeable against various bulky threats, most notably Blissey and Mega Latias in OU, and Chansey in UU. Sun is also inherently one of the worst weathers mainly because of how dead weight the weather setters are. Torkoal can spin rocks but is incredibly passive, something that you wouldn't want to put on a playstyle as hyper offensive as sun. However, should you get it to work, sun is incredibly threatening, especially in the lower tiers, so that keep Venusaur out of C tier.
17) Sceptile-Mega Opening up C tier is Mega Sceptile, basically the worst starter mega sadly enough. Now, for an offensive grass type without any set-up options, Sceptile's pretty much the best you can get (for which, spoiler alert, regular Sceptile is also in C tier). Its blazing base 145 speed makes it a menace for offensive teams to deal with, and it's vicious STAB Leaf Storm would remove any illusion of i's unboosted base 145 Special Attack being subpar. It also gets Focus Blast for powerful coverage, meaning that steel types aren't good checks at all. However, that's where the good things end. Lack of a boosting move beyond Work Up is annoying, and its pretty hard pressed to do much damage to a defensive backbone, Florges truly being a nightmare. Lastly, it isn't even a game ender against offense either, sadly, due to the prominence of Metagross who can take a few hits easily. Still, Mega Sceptile is a potent threat if handled correctly.
18) Shaymin Regular Shaymin is an interesting Pokemon. In many ways, it is a completely worse version of Celebi, lacking Psychic STAB as well as fighting type coverage. But in the lower tiers, it could be quite a metagame pick (would have been wild to see Shaymin in PU). It's bulk is excellent, similar to Celebi, but it's even more impressive considering it's in a lower tier. It's movepool is manageable and it's typing is a blessing in the lower tiers, being able to check waters and grounds. Seed Flare also makes it's very much not passive. Getting a harsh Special Defence drop means that nothing can stay in to take another, considering it's solid base 100 Special Attack. However, it's not all sunshine for Shaymin. Being a worse Celebi sucks, as it does not pack Psychic STAB, Aura Sphere, U-Turn or even Nasty Plot. It's weaknesses are still present, and just as annoying as ever. It could've really done with a fairy typing, but I guess in that Celebi would've become grass/fairy as well and I don't know how Shaymin would feel about that.
19) Vileplume Speaking of worse Celebi, we now move to worse Venusaur, at least until gen 7. Generation 7 has been really kind to Vileplume, with the crown jewel of it's moveset. Strength Sap is such a good move, I cannot even begin to stress how good it is. Lowering your opponent's attack while providing healing? Sign me the heck up. Works really well with Vileplume's offensive defensive characteristics, possessing base 110 Special Attack coupled with solid defensive stats, along with other traits like sleep and leech seed? Sign me the heck up. It's an incredible physical wall, punishing contact moves with Effect Spore (same rate as Scald btw). 10% chance to fall asleep just for U-Turning is so huge. Now, it has it's flaws, the common grass flaws of having too many weaknesses, and Vileplume can't even check Grounds that well due to it's Poison typing. Similarly, it's bulk isn't all that impressive either. However, Vileplume is quite a good Pokemon.
20) Rotom-Mow It's a Rotom form, what more do I need to say? Decent bulk, high speed, deters grounds who might try to block volt switch, spread status, the whole nine yards. Though Rotom-Mow has to be a bit more careful since it adds on weaknesses to fire, ice and bug others don't have to deal with, and a Leaf Storm special drop might give your opponent a chance to set up.
21) Dhelmise Good attack, solid bulk, rapid spin and high power STABs, along with being the only pokemon to have 3 STABs in the game, with Anchor Shot to stop certain threats like Togekiss. Dhelmise is a good Pokemon, its only really let down by it's really low speed and lack of recovery which can make it difficult to fit on teams. Still, Dhelmise is a solid underrated Pokemon.
22) Mega Abomasnow The last of the grass type megas. Its surprising that there are only 3 grass types megas. Mega Abomasnow, I talked about you in the ice list, and surprisingly you're in an average higher position here than in the ice one. Its weaknesses can be detrimental, however, its good bulk as well as the ability to lock down almost every water type under the sun thanks to its water resistance and ice neutrality. Its Swords Dance + Ice Shard combo is quite strong as well. All in all, Abomasnow is a difficult threat to use, but a threat, nonetheless.
23) Decidueye The most popular Alolan starter, and sadly the worst of the three. That's not to say Decidueye is bad, far from it. What holds Decidueye back is definitely it's lackluster speed. Base 70 is not good at all. But it's Swords Dance set coupled with other goodies like Leaf Blade and Poltergeist can be a devastating wallbreaker. It also gets priority Shadow Sneak for faster threats. All is not well and dandy for Decidueye though, dark types are a massive pain, due to resisting Shadow Sneak. It's counterpart Incineroar will be a major hassle to remove as well. Similar to Mega Abomasnow, Decidueye is not the easiest Pokemon to use, but it's quite good in the hands of an experienced player.
24) Virizion I still can't get over the fact that this has an attack stat lower than Anorith. No disrespect to Anorith, but I'd have expected better from a legendary. Still, Virizion has a few interesting traits, most notably being it's high special defence. And Grass/Fighting is not the best typing, but gives it resistances to water, ground, rock and electric, which is unique. However, Virizion has issues. It's physical bulk is less than stellar, so unlike Chesnaught, it can't take too many Earthquakes or Liquidations on switch-in. On the contrary, as a defensive Pokemon, it doesn't have much utility outside of Taunt either, since it doesn't even get Leech Seed. And if you don't get the Swords Dance up, your damage output is quite pathetic.

This template doesn't contain DLC content, Zarude is in between Amoonguss and Chesnaught
I ran out of space for the full list (reddit has a 40k character limit), part 2 coming out in minutes! I'll be linking that here once it's out
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2021.10.22 08:02 Epic_Gamer5099 Spud man the spudest of all men

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2021.10.22 08:02 davidsebi Is CCCA cable really that bad?

I need to make a 15m run with a cat5e cable, and i need it today, it will not run POE, just 100Mb speeds. I do not want to wait for shipping and i found for 10$ for 50 meter here in my locoal aera. Will i have a problem using CCA cable ?for my use case?
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2021.10.22 08:02 Savageakalia Shaman king_Following the second OP theme "Get up! Shout!" by Nana Mizuki, the Hokkaido-born three-member rock band saji has posted a full music video for their third single song "Hazuki," which has been used as the third ED theme for the reboot TV anime Shaman King since its 28th episode aired

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2021.10.22 08:02 _Anarko_ Screw it, hox's been locked up in a small room long enough, the FBI can hack itself for all i care

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2021.10.22 08:02 chd_swe 4K Cinematic Drone Footage - Sweden - EP 8

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2021.10.22 08:02 nooyork What unusual things do people collect?

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2021.10.22 08:02 jureli ApolloRebase (APR) πŸš€ A rebase token that rewards holders in BUSD. Private Pre-sale on now! πŸ’₯Doxed Devs πŸ“ƒ Verified contract πŸ“ƒ Techrate audit: βœ…

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