Classification and Symptoms of ovarian tumors

Ovarian tumors by incidence and risk of ovarian cancer, with mature cystic teratoma at bottom and immature teratoma at right. [55] Embryonal teratomas most commonly occur in the sacrococcygeal region; sacrococcygeal teratoma is the single most common tumor found in newborn humans. They comprise approximately 80% of mucinous ovarian tumors and 20-25% of all benign ovarian tumors. Pathology. The tumors are lined by columnar epithelium, typically similar to endocervical epithelium, though occasionally an intestinal-type may be seen. These cells secrete thick, gelatinous mucin which fills the locules 5. Radiographic features The International Classification of Diseases for Oncology (ICD-O) is a domain-specific extension of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems for tumor diseases. This classification is widely used by cancer registries.. It is currently in its third revision (ICD-O-3). ICD-10 includes a list of morphology codes. They stem from ICD-O second edition (ICD ... Ruptured ovarian cysts are one of the most common causes of acute pelvic pain in premenopausal women. The sonographic appearance depends on whether a simple or hemorrhagic ovarian cyst ruptures, and whether the cyst has completely collapsed. The most important differential consideration is a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. Serous ovarian tumors are traditionally described with a "cyst-" prefix because of their primarily cystic composition, e.g. cystadenoma, cystadenocarcinoma. Epidemiology. Account for the largest proportion of malignant ovarian tumors 1, representing over 50-80% of all malignant epithelial ovarian tumors 4. Serous ovarian cystadenocarcinomas ... Types of Pancreas Tumors. Cancer of the pancreas is not one disease. As many as ten different tumor types have been lumped under the umbrella term "cancer of the pancreas", classified as exocrine or endocrine tumors.Each of these tumors has a different appearance when examined with a microscope, some require different treatments, and each carries its own unique prognosis. Ovarian tumors are relatively common and account for ~6% of female malignancies. This article focuses on the general classification of ovarian tumors. For specific tumor features, please refer to the relevant subarticles. Pathology Subtypes Pr... Malignant ovarian germ cell tumors are rare. Most ovarian germ cell tumors are benign. Malignant germ cell tumors are a form of ovarian cancer. In general, ovarian cancer affects about 1 in 70 women in the United States. Less than 5% of ovarian cancers are malignant germ cell tumors. About 20% to 25% of all benign ovarian tumors are germ cell ... Ovarian torsion, also sometimes termed adnexal torsion or tubo-ovarian torsion, refers to rotation of the ovary and portion of the fallopian tube supplying the vascular pedicle.. It can be intermittent or sustained and results in venous, arterial and lymphatic stasis. It is a gynecological emergency and requires urgent surgical intervention to prevent ovarian necrosis. 2. Subtype Classification. Although the term “ovarian cancer” implies a unitary disease, from the perspective of the pathologist it was apparent as early as the 1930s that it was more appropriate to classify ovarian neoplasms as multiple distinct entities through the lens of histopathology [].This culminated in the 1973 WHO guidelines, which signified the first systematic attempt to ...

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Hello, I recently took my e math o level paper 2 and i don’t think i will fare well. I might get a d7 which worries me because i was offered EAE into business in SP however, a C6 is required of E math to get in, doubting my ability to be able to pass, i was wondering if i could get tips or suggestions about what to do if my EAE offer is revoked. Can i appeal ?? or DAE?? How does it work? People who took O levels last year could you help? Also i was wondering if the bell curve or something would decrease the range of a c6 to 45% ? if that is even possible. People who are in the same shoes as me please feel free to relate and read
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Stupid, I know.
Yesterday I opened a short position for $DWAC and it was great, however I did not manage to close it before market close - yes, dumb, irresponsible whatever.
Now as it is up 69 % from my base price (also with 5x leverage) it is clear that it is going to liquidate my account.
Is there anything I could do to stop it from happening within the next less than 5 hours? (Using Trading212).

Thanks and RIP.
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I like BFV and was hyped for 2042 like two months ago. However, I'm not the type that constantly checks the news. I even missed the Beta, I think (or can you still play at the moment).
However, this sub drives me mad. Everyday my Reddit is full of complaints - this is shit, that is shit, EA are you that stupid, and so on.
Can I still cancel? I think I'll stick to BFV.
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Do we know yet if the next fallout games will be exclusive to Xbox and pc, as a big fallout fan on PlayStation I'm scared that a series I love will just be ripped away from me. So have the confirmed it yet?
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What Goes On When You Choose To Work A Waste Tyre Recycling Plant? The waste tyre recycling plants on the planet are collectively making an effort to prevent waste tires and other kinds of waste rubber from entering landfills. There is absolutely no reason behind that to take place, particularly when the recycling of the materials could be a profitable pyrolysis system for waste. Perhaps you are looking at dealing with this particular chance for your organization.

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant
These appliances aren't tough to operate. The truth is, they basically run by themselves, especially the continuous pyrolysis plants. You will find a little work required for the small scale pyrolysis equipment, and maintenance, too. But are still easy enough to function, and both types might help your business generate profits from waste materials. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

You can be turning that trash into treasure exactly like all others, but you will need to take that initial step. Step one is deciding what sort of pyrolysis machine you want, batch plant or continuous, and reaching out to manufacturers that supply them. Once you find the right manufacturer and know precisely what you need to acquire, you're set to put your order and start your operations.

It's great that what you're likely to be doing is good for the environment. It's also nice that you're turning what might wind up being waste into profitable products. Naturally, you have to have the investment to get started. That gets you from the game, and then you can expand your income opportunity from that point:

Before deciding on the type and capacity of the pyrolysis plant you need, you're gonna desire to calculate your waste volume. You don't wish to base your final decision about what waste you have on hand at the moment. You wish to base your decision on how much waste you may be consistently coming across. Reach out to your community and then make this an organization effort. Can you what you can do to make sure that no waste rubber is rendering it to your landfill in your neighborhood.

Determine who you're likely to put responsible for this project, too. As the machine runs itself, you will have oversight necessary. And simply like you will find a solid business strategy plan, you must keep your books, too. You're planning to would like to know once you start turning a profit anyway. That might be a thrilling day to be certain. All that planning and work may have paid back. You are going to then carry on and sell that pyrolysis oil, steel and carbon black for more profits from the coming days. Beston Group China is ready to help you.

First, you need to obtain your project underway. That will require that you simply complete the steps mentioned above and reach out to pyrolysis plant manufacturers. You can definitely find that you can get the hottest deal by purchasing a unit from the country overseas. Whatever price you spend can be your profits, and you're gonna start chipping away at this balance each day. It's time for you to recycle for profits, and who knew, right?
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I want to go into post game OP as fuck so ideally I’d like to get all the artifacts I can before moving on. For those who have gotten all/most of the main game artifacts, what methods did you use? Did you follow a guide? If so a link would be appreciate. Also I was thinking about just replaying the same level over and over until I’m out of options but I really don’t know if this is the way to go about it. Any help is appreciated!
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Hi there
Ever since I learned about shamanic journeys I'm working to accomplish a successful journey. The problem however is that I can't seem to pull it off. Somebody gave me a PDF in which it details how to do it. And I followed the steps numerous times but every time nothing is happening. I will include the text at the bottom of this message. My question is: is there somebody that can teach me how to have a successful journey?
"Core shamanism is a method of entering spirit realms whilst in a lightly altered state of mind (trance - but not Hollywood style) - it’s something I studied at length and I believe it turbo-charged all my psi senses and helped pull my practice together into a cohesive whole, from the ragtag bits and pieces I’d created or acquired as a child.
It’s taught in a number of locations in the UK & USA, usually as weekend workshops, and I’ve seen absolute beginners who’d never had a psychic experience in their lives go from nervous and skeptical on the Saturday morning, sitting in a circle in a roomful of strangers, to confidently locating and describing past events or spiritually significant things for those same people by the Sunday afternoon.
Do not attempt to combine other methods with this, you will just hold yourself back, do this as given and once perfected, then and ONLY then, begin to work in pieces from other paradigms. Seriously!
(You can do other types of magick in the same day, just don’t attempt to merge this method with other methods, at the same time.)
Part One: The Lower World Find a time when you have 30 - 45 minutes’ privacy, switch your phone off, and also be between meals so you’re neither too full nor distracted by hunger.
This method is about as close to safe as any form of magick gets, although you may wish to cleanse and banish etc. before you start out. A simple shower or bath, with the intention to cleanse your aura, should suffice.
Chill out, using some deep breathing and whatever else, and maybe dump any distracting thoughts about the everyday world into a notebook so they’re not in the back of your mind as you begin.
Have a journal of some kind to hand, to take notes after the journey is completed.
Don’t be high or drunk - although entheogens are traditionally used in indigenous shamanism, they’ll just get in the way now, you can experiment with that later once you have the basic method mastered and some spirit allies to help you out.
It’s a good idea to have a voice recorder running if possible.
Get a student mindset of learning and openness on, and stay with that - this method is not compatible, at least in the early stages, with competitive or aggressive ideas, or a mindset of attempting to dominate spirits. You’re going into “their” world, so adjust your attitude accordingly.
Play some shamanic drumming. Nothing fancy, a steady monotonous beat is best, ideally under 30 minutes to begin with. There’s plenty on YouTube.
Set your intention: “I am going to journey to the Lower World to meet with my personal animal spirit helper.”
In this method, intention is an important thing, and to begin with, state that intention and maybe write it down at the head of a page in your journal.
Close your eyes and visualize, which is to say IMAGINE, a tree - ideally one that you like and have happy memories of.
If you don’t have a memory like that, just imagine a tree that looks good to you.
Do not get distracted by random passing thoughts.
Do not “see” something else and let your attention wander, just keep looking at the tree.
Imagine walking towards the tree, and take hold of it if that helps.
Find a nice deep hole in the roots (even if it’s not there in your “real” tree you based it on).
Dive down into the hole and keep going, until you reach what will look most of the time like a different world beneath the earth.
It may be dark, like a totally black space with just hints and outlines of other shapes, or maybe what look more like retinal after-images. This is fine.
You may have sounds, scents, or other sense impressions, but nothing visual - this is also fine. Persistence will open your senses.
It may be lit by a diffuse golden light.
There will probably be a river or other kind of water channel, but don’t worry if you don’t see it.
Call for your animal - the term used in core shamanism is “power animal” - use this until you have enough experience to define things yourself, this term has the value of being used a lot, and therefore is imprinted into the fabric of this world in this paradigm.
If in doubt, ask the animal to show itself to you three different times - you might see a hoof/paw, then a face, and then an outline, for example.
Any three symbols of the same animal is a good sign.
Don’t try to guess what your animal is or will be, and don’t be disappointed if it’s not something “cool.”
And as with the tree, ignore any distracting impressions, human shapes, or anything else. You’re here for your power animal, the rest can wait.

(At this stage a history of drug/alcohol use which left you the next day trying to cope with a reality that barely made sense is a GOOD thing! You’re not used to these spirit worlds yet, so you’re operating under a similar kind of cognitive dampening and confusion. Don’t let the fact this feels like it’s “all in your mind” deter you - your mind is the interface, I have provided a method to verify what’s a “real” journey in the notes, below.)
Back to the journey:
Ask the animal spirit if it’s your ally.
If it confirms this and you feel good about it, ask it to join with you - it may jump up into your arms, or you may mount it, or some other connection which feels to your astral body like a link has been created.
Using intention, fly or travel back UP with your animal, holding the intention to return to the base of the World Tree where you entered.
Pop back out the hole in the roots.
Take a look around you, observe anything that’s different, but don’t get distracted.
Talk to your animal, even if you can’t hear it clearly yet, ask it to wait here for you and to guide you on future journeys.
It may give you a symbol (for example, you might think you see a symbol in your mind’s eye - this is when having a voice recorder running is invaluable), or a word, or you may even be able to converse with it.
At the moment, it’s safest to assume all conversations with spirits are the spirit doing its best to throw thoughts into your head and hit whatever vocabulary you have, so they may sound both weirdly coherent yet have odd usages of words, or even slang. Don’t worry about this, record what’s said without judgement.
You can either bid farewell to your animal and come back at another time, or, you can ask it back into your arms/mount it/etc., and imagine yourself walking back to your physical body, settling down in it, with the animal still in your arms.
This brings the energy of the power animal back into your life and is the basic initiatory action of core shamanism.
You can then sit up, journal what happened right away (this is strongly advised, don’t leave it to memory), then sit with your animal spirit in your presence, maybe ask it to empower and protect you, and to be waiting at the WT next time you journey.
You can politely ask it to depart if it becomes overwhelming, or continue about your ordinary life without anything so formal.
It’s perfectly normal to want to have some symbol of it in your life, don’t go wacky and get it tattooed or anything, but it’s fine to draw it, or print out a picture of an animal of that same type, or even buy a piece of jewellery or a t-shirt or something that represents it and becomes a focal point.
It may merge with you later on, or change into a different type of animal, all things are possible - but this is stage 1.
After the journey, take as many notes as possible - don’t assume that this was beginner stuff and not important, some of the things I saw in my very first formal journey are STILL playing out to this day!
If you feel ungrounded, try to get a short walk, ideally on grass in bare feet, eat something substantial, or do some mundane act like housework or phoning a friend.
If I can offer some tips, read that entire exercise through once or twice, taking any notes you need, then try a journey to get your own animal helper, and that act will begin to increase your power and psychic skills in itself.
I was fortunate enough to be able to afford to train in-depth, and since then I’ve done a lot of healing work which includes coaching people on their first journeys - in this method, there’s the basic concept of the World Tree (WT), which is your axis mundi.
This is the single most important aspect of core shamanism and is the interface by which you orient yourself in the different spiritual universes.
Below the World Tree is the Lower World, which I describe above - this is conventionally the first World visited by beginners in this paradigm, and it’s not an “underworld” or in any way hellish.
It tends to house earth-related entities, animal spirits of various kinds, and other “natural world” spirits, and it is possible to meet an entity form of your own Death there, but this isn’t a dangerous thing and can be educational - but it’s not something to begin with.
First you need to get your animal spirit, bond with them, and undertake a few more journeys to the Lower World. It’s legit to go there to explore, and you can also ask your animal spirit what it advises you do down there.
Once you feel honestly competent to undertake Lower World journeys on demand, and have a method of communicating with your animal spirit (hearing it clairaudiently, or maybe through symbols or strong intuitive impressions), you’ll be traveling to the Upper World, which is where various ascended masters, Higher Selves of both people and individual animals, and angels, gods, and numerous other entities hang out.
The final World to explore is the Middle World, but that’s best not visited until you have some experience because it contains the spiritual aspect of all the evil forces in our own reality, including the restless dead, malevolent spirits of madness and disease, and various portals to places that aren’t very nice.
The interface with the World Tree is just, technically, in the Middle World, but it’s a safe place and there are specific methods for entering the places where the troublesome things are likely to lurk, so don’t worry about it, but stick to the Lower World first, and work a lot with your animal, and then begin with the Upper World, which will provide you with mentors who can assist.
A lot of what you see will be archetypal, almost cartoonishly so in some cases, and don’t let that throw you - this is spiritual energy trying to convey form and function, via visual or other sensory short-hand. Talking books, chairs that walk, and all manner of other symbols are commonplace when using this method.
Note them down as seen, because with time you’ll recognize patterns in the way things appear to you, and be able to understand new events via your existing lexicon of symbols.
One hallmark of a successful journey is that while at the time the nagging thought “Is this just in my head?” may be present, when you get back, write up your notes, and think back to what happened, the vividness of the memories will be as strong as your memories of events in the everyday world, and unless you were distracted out of the journey, you’ll have next to no memory of your body here in normal life during the trance.
If, at any point, you freak out, just open your eyes, get up and go to a different room, do the washing up, go for a walk, or whatever - in the early stages you don’t register enough in those realities for anything to bother coming after you, and your own mind (awareness) is the interface, so once you shift your attention the link is broken.
I advise very strongly against attempting any baneful work whatsoever using this method until you have a few years experience in this paradigm under your belt: this isn’t a moral issue, later you can check in with your spirit allies and see what they say.
But some people have made the mistake of assuming journeying is like in the movies when the hitman gets up into a crawl-space and can rain down death unseen, and not only is it NOT like that, you can also get into a hell of a lot of trouble and end up basically imprisoned in a tiny pocket universe of your own, if you begin in this fashion.
Once that’s happened, you’re unlikely to be released, so don’t push your luck.
That covers the basics for the initiatory stage, this is what’s usually taught in the first part of the trainings and if you find it useful, once you have your animal spirit and can reliably communicate with them."
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Anyone looking ?............
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Whenever I try to put a window on top of a four-way intersection base section, it won't let me finish building them, but the "blueprint" version doesn't go away, ever. Then I can't even deconstruct the base because I need to finish deconstructing the window, but the window doesn't exist and I can't deconstruct it. So an unfinished base component just kinda has to sit there forever.
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2021.10.22 05:40 crikcet37 Hello, I have copper pipes running for 10 inches from the taps of my bathroom basin down to shut off valves. Can I fit a flexihose straight onto the top of the valve or do I need to cut the pipe and fit compression?

Photo of issue I have two taps on my washhand basin but want to change over to a mixer tap. The taps have copper pipe connections but I need to fit flexihoses for the mixer taps. Before I buy the tap I'm not sure if I need to also buy a pipe cutter and compression joint or if I can undo the nut at the top of the shut off valve, remove the copper piping and fit a flexifose straight on to the top of the valve. Any help would be great as I've never done this before. Thanks
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